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Name: Gallus
: Male
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Thayan Knight
Weapon: Longsword
Armor: Full Plate Mail and Tower Shield
Main Stats: Strength, Constitution

Gallus is your typical fighter. He's big, unintelligent, wears lots of armor, likes putting sharp things in squishy bits, and has a weakness for money and ale. Gallus has sworn an oath to the Knights of Thay, making him a full-fledged protector of Red Wizards. Although all knights of Thay are given the title of "knight" they have no actual code of conduct other than protecting the Red Wizards. Although there aren't any actual Red Wizards in the party, Gallus treats the party's mage, Kros, close enough to one to convince bystanders otherwise. Gallus likes to consider himself the party leader, though Tara gladly disputes that ideal at every turn.

Gallus is © Jake Gudex


Name: Tara Rose
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Hexblade
Weapon: Greatsword
Armor: Chain Shirt
Main Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma

Tara joins Gallus on the frontline whenever there's a battle. While he tanks about every hit possible, Tara makes short work of the party's enemies with her massive sword, enchanted with fire. Although they get along fine while slicing and dicing enemies, the two couldn't be more at odds when away from battle. While Gallus believes himself the party's leader, Tara often gives the orders, which causes quite a bit of antimosity between the two. As a Hexblade implies, Tara has the ability to curse her enemies with dark enchantments. However, as this rarely works, she most likely winds up hacking her enemies to bits instead. She also has a very limited array of spells at her disposal. Although she's talked briefly of her past, she still remains somewhat of an enigmatic character.

Tara is © Zachary Milroy


Name: Scarlet
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Monk/Tattooed Monk
Weapon: Fists, Arms, Feet, Legs, etc
Armor: Clothing
Main Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom

Although he doesn't talk much, Scarlet's a key addition to the party. When in formation, he acts as the rear guard, protecting the two casters from any surprise attacks. With his cat-like reflexes and incredible speed, Scarlet is often the first to see or hear what's going on, as well as the first to act in battle. Although he wears no armor and uses no weapon, he relies on his body and mind alone to get the job done. Scarlet's tattoos grant him special powers, such as breathing fire. He remains a mystery.

Scarlet is © John Meyer


Name: Kros
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Weapon: Long Spear
Armor: Clothing
Main Stats: Dexterity, Charisma

Kros is the party's mage, often launching one of his favorite spells, Empowered Scorching Ray, at foes. Even though he's not a Red Wizard, Gallus guards him as if he were one, probably as he's the closest thing to one in the party. Kros is often referred to as a wizard, which he'll get rather "uppity" over, as he gets his spells naturally, not with tireless study, making him a sorcerer, not a wizard. He and Krysta, the party's healer, have started up a relationship with one another, and despite the party's best efforts, the two continue to make it as secretive as possible, although Gallus, Scarlet, and especially Tara have their suspicions.

Kros is © Erik Burger


Name: Krysta Smith
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Class: Favored Soul/Radiant Servant of Pelor
Weapon: Light Mace
Armor: Chain Shirt and Large Steel Shield
Main Stats: Wisdom, Charisma

Hoping to impress her parents with wealth and fame, Krysta lends a helping hand as the party's healer. Her brother is a cleric in the temple of Pelor, though she's less zealous in her faith as he. Being the younger of the two siblings, she often got the short end of the stick growing up and felt as if her brother bested her at every turn, winning their parents favor. So she set out to finally prove herself and took a job as a mercenary where she met Gallus, Tara, Scarlet, and Kros. As the party's healer, Krysta has to get close to each and every one of the members. In doing so, she's developed feelings for Kros, the sorcerer, though she intends on keeping it secret for as long as possible.

Krysta is © Kevin Bley


Name: Yarluck
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard/Red Wizard
Weapon: Wizard's Staff
Armor: Clothing
Main Stats: Constitution, Intelligence

Yarluck is the boss. He commissioned the adventuring party to search for the Godanium to use in his alchemy. Yarluck never strays far from his vat of molten Godanium. Every time the party brings him a new chunk, he tosses it into the vat and keeps stirring. At one point, he dipped his entire arm into the smelting pot, coating it in the godly metal(I'm sure he casted a spell that provided him with resistance). Once it hardened, the Godanium provided Yarluck's arm the protection of adamantine full-plate mail, the flexibility of skin, and the strength of a golem, as he demonstrated by punching holes into things with his bare fist. One has to wonder what he's going to do with all of this metal...

Yarluck is © Dale Kirner


Name: Godanium



The Godanium itself deserves the title of character, as it plays a very critical role in the campaign. After all, there wouldn't be much of a comic without a plot, now would there? Long ago, a metal, forged by the gods themselves, aptly named Godanium, was taken from them, masked from their detection, broken apart, and distributed amongst the planet in caves sealed by powerful magic by a powerful beast. The wizard Yarluck and his party of adventuring friends, many years preceding the current adventuring party, discovered one of these fabled seals, and using the best of all their collective efforts and most powerful spells, cracked it open and descended into the cave, where they met with the legendary creature, the Adamantium Dracolich Golem. With the combined power of all eleven adventurers, conveniently one from each class, only Yarluck survived long enough to see the beast meet its end. In the room beyond, he discovered a large chunk of the sacred metal the gods had forged so long ago, the Godanium. Through years of extensive research, tinkering, and forging, Yarluck produced an amulet that was reactive to the magical seals which protected the caves the pieces of Godanium were held in. Long retired as an adventurer, he called upon the services of five young, aspiring adventurers and told them his story. Giving them the medallion, he explained to them how to track the Godanium symbols on its viewscreen, and that the only way for them to release the magic over the caves was to touch the amulet to the symbol.

Godanium and D&D campaign is © Dale Kirner